The Solution

Property-Registry is a turn-key registration and compliance solution enabling municipalities to identify and manage defaulted and foreclosed properties.


Designed and built by IT, legal, mortgage banking, and government professionals, Property-Registry, connects municipalities with property owners, quickly and efficiently.


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Functional Overview


System Features

Automatic Property Identification

Property-Registry is a user-friendly portal and database for municipalities to search, track, and manage defaulted and foreclosed properties.


Property-Registry provides an interactive communications system between municipalities and property owners to expedite registration and compliance issue resolution.

Reporting & Compliance

Property-Registry provides revenue identification and recovery accounting and reporting.


Property-Registry provides monthly accounting summaries to property owners.


  • Property-Registry is an efficient and cost-effective platform that offers municipalities a growing and dependable revenue stream.
  • Property-Registry helps reduce the volume of abandoned properties and the potential for crime. The link between vacant properties and neighborhood crime is well documented by both criminologists and sociologists.
  • Property-Registry connects the municipality with the mortgagee and the correct responsible parties. We handle all communications, tracking, fee collection, and reporting.


Our portal provides an easy-to-use yet robust property search feature. Your staff can obtain accurate contact information for responsible parties. Registration status, direct communications, and report generation are all easily available within reach.